NJ Has One Of The Top 10 Wealthiest Towns In The Entire U.S.

It’s not as if we didn’t know that New Jersey is an extremely expensive state to live in. In fact, it is one of the most expensive in the country.

After all, you’ve got to be making plenty of money to survive here. With property taxes being what they are, home prices skyrocketing and just the overall high cost of living, it’s no doubt that New Jersey has to be home to some of the wealthier cities in the country.

Dorison Dr, Short Hills via Google Maps
Dorison Dr, Short Hills via Google Maps

And for some reason, the ones that come to mind are Mendham, Upper Saddle River, Colts Neck, or Deal.

But according to worldpopulationreview.com, Bloomberg did a study that ranked the richest towns in the U.S. And the study says it’s none of the aforementioned. It’s actually Essex County’s Short Hills.

White Oak Ridge Rd, Short Hills via Google Maps
White Oak Ridge Rd, Short Hills via Google Maps

This Bloomberg study took household data from 6,250 cities that were ranked based on their inflation-adjusted average household income. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and California dominated the wealthiest cities list. And on the top 100 wealthiest towns list, the bottom the lowest yearly average salary was $200,000.

For comparison's sake, the median household income in the United States during the last census was $61,937. In Short Hills, the average yearly household income is $367,491.

Beechcroft Rd in Short Hills via Google Maps

America’s richest community, according to the study, has remained number one on the list for three years in a row. That is the Silicon Valley city of Atherton California, home of Eric Schmidt of Google and Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook. In 2017, the median annual income there was listed as $450,696.

Other New Jersey towns that made the top 50 list in this report are Upper Saddle River, Upper Montclair, North Caldwell and Glen Ridge, but those towns seem poor in comparison to Short Hills, having annual median salaries in the paltry mid to upper $200,000’s.

Check out the top ten richest cities in the United States here:

  1. Atherton, CA ($450,696)

  2. Scarsdale, NY ($417,335)

  3. Cherry Hills Village, CO ($394,259)

  4. Los Altos Hills, CA ($386,174)

  5. Hillsborough, CA ($373,128)

  6. Short Hills, NJ ($367,491)

  7. Highland Park, TX ($358,994)

  8. Darien, CT ($341,090)

  9. Bronxville, NY ($340,448)

  10. Glencoe, IL ($339,883)

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